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Social media plays such a predominant role in our lives. We always tend to document every speck of our day, whether we go out with friends for a simple coffee or a lavish wedding we somehow feel obligated to update it on social accounts just to show our friends and followers how adventurous and cool our life is. Many people go to great lengths to achieve that “Social Status”.

Social media has created a jealous behavior over illusions that they become so obsessed to live at par with other people, they turn envious of things, people, lifestyles and relationships that don’t really mirror what actually exists. We find it difficult to differentiate between reality and a social media masquerade.

I recently read an article about a teen who took her life due to online bullying which triggered her mental illness. Her friends and her family could not fathom why a girl of her personality and social lifestyle which was nothing less to perfection could take such an extreme step. She loved socializing, and overall she seemed to be happy and healthy showing no signs of her battle with depression and anxiety in her online presence. It goes to show us that not everything you see is what it appears to be, even Salt can look like sugar…

Though the intent is to go out and have fun, we have become more concerned about coming under the scanner of how others view them. We are under so much social pressure to be at parties and look like we are having a great time that has lead us to become so consumed at what others perceive about us that we fail to actually enjoy what we are doing and contemplate on criticism of our social content. Present –day a single post can be a joy and entertainment for some but can also ignite a series of emotions like jealousy, envy, competition, depression, and anxiety for a majority of others. The social comparisons of our lives versus theirs assume us to think that they lead a better life than us which increases envy and eventually leads to depression. People on social media have gotten so carried away that, it has enabled cowards to act on these emotions and hide behind a username and disrespect people without the fear of feelings and consequences. In person, I’m sure the choices of words would be much different.

We live in a generation which is obsessed with recording every little aspect of their life but accomplish so very little. Not every fragment of our life needs to be digitally documented.  No one’s life is as perfect and glamorous as their social media feed. We should start pulling are self together and take ownership of everything in our life. By limiting our unmindful scrolling and reducing the amount of time on social media can aid us to obtain a much happier and productive lifestyle. One can find happiness when they stop comparing their lives to others. Every one of us is blessed in different ways, each is unique and different. Finding happiness is not about what you possess, it’s more about the thoughts you possess. Happiness is having a goal in life, strive to achieve it no matter how long it takes, and don’t connect it with people, objects or the internet.

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