My name is Anishaa Michelle.

Born in May 1994. I grew up in Bangalore and completed my Bachelor of Business Management in 2015. As a child, I loved capturing candid photographs, they are so rare and unexpected that one can never anticipate how they really turn out. Now, when people ask me what kind of photographer I am, I don’t have a specific genre so I usually tell them that I am the kind of girl who loves to take photographs of what I feel not what I see.

Over the years, I have learned that a photograph is not always what it seems to be, they can often be quite misleading. To me, photography is, “A memory of the past that speaks a thousand words locked with hidden feelings which we re-live for a moment, it brings us joy or pain and sometimes both, either of which we choose to hold on to or let go of it”.

I always appreciate the people I meet, the places I visit, the things I have learned so far and I look forward to exploring the new and exciting adventures that life throws at me.